Registration Guidelines & Procedures

Registration process starts from the Department. Newly admitted students are expected to see the Departmental Registration Officer who screens their academic credentials before releasing their dully signed admission letters. The Registration Officer also issues the student his/her matriculation number after which the students proceed to the bank to pay the stipulated school fees. After paying the necessary fees, the student waits for 24 hours before the transaction is fully completed, and thereafter proceed to the university portal to complete the registration process. The university portal contains the following required sections:

  1. Payment Details
  2. Student Profile
  3. Student Course Registration

Upon the successful completion of the above stages, the students is expected to print out course registeration form for onward submmission to the Departmental Registration Officer who after certifying the entries will append his/her signature.

However, returning students must also register at the beginning of each session to update their records approprietly. At the beginning of the second semester, students are not expected to do any form of registeration but can only add or drop courses. The Department need to be notified when a student add or drop a course.

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