Course Registration Guidelines

The Senate of Ahmadu Bello University has fixed the minimum and maximum credit units students can register in a semester. A minimum of 12 credits units is required in a semester while 24 credit units is the maximum. However, students are advised to register above their minimum requirement in order to maximimize the chances of earning the required minimum credit units for graduation (120CU for 100L and 90CU for 200L). Courses are generally categorized as core, restricted elective, elective and cognate.

  • Core Courses:

    Core courses are those courses considered by the department essential to the field of Library and Information Science.They are compulsory for each and every student to take. These courses are found in each of the semesters and students are expected to pass them before graduation. A total of 50 to 54 credit units are designated as core courses.

  • Restricted Electives:

    These are called restricted electives because they are important and are like core courses. But after making 8 credit units from them, a student has finished taking the restricted electives. In all, there are 12 credit units of restricted elective courses in the department.

  • Elective Courses:

    The elective courses are included systematically to enhance the student's overall knowledge and strengthen his/her subject background to prepare them become subject specialists. Electives are optional but students are strongly advised to take them. The number of elective courses students can register in any semester depends on:

    1. Number of credit units short of permissible minimum registration requirement after deducting the total credit units of core courses registered.
    2. Credit units of the particular course to registered.
    3. Maximum credit load allowed by the department for the semester.
    4. Existing rule in the faculty regarding elective courses.

  • Cognate Courses:

    To meet up with the challenges of information glut in subject fields, the department require candidates to take courses in specified subject areas. This is done in order to strengthen their subject background and to make them subject specialists. Therefore, the courses students take in their individual subject area of specializations are called cognate courses. A minimum of 20 and 44 credit units are allocated for cognate courses for students who are admitted at 100 level and 200 level respectively

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