Masters of Library Science (MLS - Full Time)

  • Admission Requirement
    1. Course Work
    2. To be eligible for the award of Masters of Library Science (MLS) degree, a student must pass all the designated courses. These consist of 8 cu of core Faculty courses; 8 cu of core departmental courses; 12 cu of specialization courses and 4 cu of electives.

    3. Research
    4. The award of the degree will be dependent on a successful completion of the thesis and the passing of oral defense.

    5. Seminar/Examination
    6. Each student is expected to make a seminar presentation on the progress of his/her research work each semester..

  • Course Structure - First Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 901 Information Business and Enterpreneuralship 3
    LIBS 903 Trent in Info. System and Services 3
    LIBS 911 Information Retrieval and Research 3
  • Course Structure - Second Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 900 Information Policy 3
    LIBS 902 Information Theory 3
    LIBS 910 Information Database and Databank Mgt. 3