Masters of Information Science (MIS - Full Time)

  • Admission Requirement
  • Entry and graduation requirements are similar to those of MLS programme. A credit in O'level mathematics is however an additional requirement. Candidate with relevant postgraduate diploma qualification are eligible for consideration.

    1. Research
    2. The award of the degree will be dependent on a successful completion of the thesis and the passing of oral defense.

    3. Seminar/Examination
    4. Each student is expected to make a seminar presentation on the progress of his/her research work each semester..

  • Course Structure - First Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 901 Information Business and Enterpreneuralship 3
    LIBS 903 Trent in Info. System and Services 3
    LIBS 911 Information Retrieval and Research 3
  • Course Structure - Second Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 900 Information Policy 3
    LIBS 902 Information Theory 3
    LIBS 910 Information Database and Databank Mgt. 3