Masters of Information Management (Part Time)

The Masters of Information Management provides a professional qualification in information Management for people who want to enter a chellenging field where the latest technological developments provides effective and timely information services.

  • Admission Requirement
  • Bachelor degree with minimum of 2.2 from an accredited university in Library and Information Science, Mass Communication, Business Administration, Accounting, Computer Sciences, Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences and Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management.

    1. Graduation Requirement
    2. A student is expected to earn a minimum of 32 cu in order to graduate.

    3. Research
    4. The graduating student will have conducted the attachment work and project writting.

    5. Seminar/Examination
    6. The graduating student will have taken and passed all the core course units, the requisit elective courses.

  • Course Structure - First Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 901 Information Business and Enterpreneuralship 3
    LIBS 903 Trent in Info. System and Services 3
    LIBS 911 Information Retrieval and Research 3
  • Course Structure - Second Semester
  • Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
    LIBS 900 Information Policy 3
    LIBS 902 Information Theory 3
    LIBS 910 Information Database and Databank Mgt. 3