General Guidelines


A student can defer a semester if he/she has a good cause backed by supporting documents. Before a student is allowed to do so, he/she must have fully registered with the university. A student is considered withdrawn if he/she is absent, without permission for two consecutive semesters.

  • Deferment Process
    1. Application Letter
    2. The student is expected to write an application for deferement through the H.O.D to the Faculty Board for approval.


It is very important to remove from the students the notion that there is no repeating in CCS. Student will repeat if he/she fails to earn certain minimum credit units at a particular year of study. Below are the minimum for which a student must attained before he/she moves to the next level.

100 level = 24 credit units

200 level (Direct) = 24 credit units

200 level (Continuing) = 48 credit units

300 level = 72 credit units

400 level = 96 credit units

The above shows that no student will be allowed to procced to the next level without attainment of the required minimum credit units.

Probation and Withdrawal

Student goes on probation after failing to attain a minimum of 1.5 CGPA at the end of each semesters. A student who remains on probation for three consecutive semesters and fails to attain the 1.5 minimum CGPA shall be withdrawn from the program.

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