Examination and Results

Examination for courses registered are held at the end of each semester. To pass a course unit, a student must obtain a minimum grade of D. This should be after adding the scores for continuos assessment (C.A) and final examination scores at end of the semester. D grade is from 45 - 49 marks. Any student who does not have a C.A score would be scored F even if he/she scores a pass mark at the end of the semester examination.

Score Grade Grade Point
0-44 F 0
45-49 D 2
50-59 C 3
60-69 B 4
70-100 A 5

To calculate GPA and CGPA a hypothetical situation will be used on the result of two students, X and Y. The calculation will be done for first and second semesters of 200 level. The essence of covering 2 semesters is to present the effect of unnecessary over registration.

  • Total Credit Point (TCP ): is the product of the Grade Point (GP) and the number of credit units carried by a course. Hence Weighted Credit Point (WCP) = Grade point x number of credit units for each course registered. TCP = the sum of all WCPs for the semester.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA): is the average of weighted grade points earned in the courses taken during a semester. This is obtained by multiplying the GP obtained in each course, summing these up and dividing by the total number of credit units registered in the semester.

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): is the up-to-date average of the GP earned by the student in a program of study. This stands for the students overall performance at any point in the programme of study. This is obtained by totaling GP multiplied by the respective credit units for all semester to date and dividing by the number of credit units for all semester to date divided by the number of credit units registered.

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