Courses Credit System (CCS)

The Department of Library and Information Science have since 1989 fully converted its programs into CCS. In line with this, it runs a 3-year and a 4-year degree program.The Course Credit System (CCS) was introduced into the Nigerian University system in 1989 in compliance with the National Universities Communication's (NUC) minimum academic standards. The CCS is an American System of Education where subject areas are broken down into course units that are weighted accordingly.

This system allows effective measurement and evaluation of a student performance. All stakeholders - students, lecturers, examination officers, etc are involved in the measurement and evaluation process. The system also allows students to make progress in learning according to his/her capacity. Although The system has been in existence for the past two decades in Nigerian Universities, it appears that students are still not conversant with the details and workings of the system . Hence, the need to educate them as the first step towards successes in academic pursuance. There is evidence to suggest that students who understand the system early enough tend to be more serious and business-minded from day one, and graduate with better grades.

The CCS is conveniently run on a semester basis. Two semesters make one academic year. Thus, a 3-year degree program in Library and Information Science requires a minimum of 3 x 2, i.e 6 semesters. In this system, classes are graded in levels from 100 . Therefore, a 3-year program will be graded as 100, 200 and 300 levels, and a 4-year program is also graded in the same manner.

According to National Universities Commission's (NUC) minimum standard, each semester should at least cover a minimum of 15 weeks of lectures and examination. So, for one academic year there should be at least a total of 30 weeks of contacts. Courses in credit system are weighted in terms of credit units. The weighting of courses vary according to the credit units allotted to each course. In the Department credit units ranges from a minimum of a 2 cu to a maximum of 3 cu. Each unit represents a student/lecturer learning contact of 1 hour or 60 minutes. The load on the student per semester can be measured by the number of contacts in the semester. The student will have to cover 1C.U.x 15hrs = 15hours of learning contacts. For 2 credit units, it will be 2 x 15 hours - 30 hours of learning contacts, etc.

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